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Brand: Zeigler Bros
Flavor: Seafood
Target Species: Fish
Item Form: Pellet
Unit Count: 528.00 Ounce

- Fortified with Spirulina and other natural marine ingredients to enhance coloration
- Contains stable Vitamin C & Brewers Yeast to promote healthy fin, gill, and tissue development - Utilizes optimal nutrient densities to help assure adequate nutrition
- Formulated for high palatability and digestibility to minimize excreted waste
- Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) an all-natural, nutritional feed supplement, designed to improve overall fish health and resistance to disease
- Excellent floatability and water stability...does not cloud the water

Zeigler High Performance Koi + Goldfish Food Fancier Diet for Enhancing Color a

SKU: V4D7296207
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