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Brand: UnRuffledRx
Scent: Aloe Vera
Product Benefits: Soothes itching, eases plucking, encourages proper preening
Item Form: Spray
Target Species: African Grey Macaw Cockatiel Senegal Burrowing Budgie Cockatoo chicken geese ostrich pigeon

🦜SAY GOODBYE TO DRY SKIN & FEATHERS: This safe, gentle formula sprays on clear, makes feathers soft and absorbs quickly, leaving behind an invisible protective layer without leaving any sticky residue
🦜 A SOOTHING MOLTING & FEATHER PLUCKING BIRD SPRAY: Helps soothe irritated, itchy skin, soften feathers and provide relief from molting and feather picking
🦜 BOOST YOUR BIRD'S HEALTHY PLUMAGE: Stop itching, be beautiful. Ideal for small and large bird feathers
🦜 HEALTHY BIRD SPRAY: All-natural, eco-friendly spray made with cold-pressed aloe vera juice from the heart of the plant. No unnatural chemicals, safe if your bird ingests the formula during preening!
🦜 A BIRD SUPPLEMENT YOU CAN TRUST: UnRuffledRx's line of products helps your bird look its best. Made right here in the USA, our natural ingredients and non-GMO options make our products the perfect choice for your bird.

UnRuffledRx Aloe Vera Bird Bath Spray for Daily Care & Skin Health 8 Fl Oz

SKU: V4D7296208
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