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Teeth Cleaning: The corn grain pattern improves the durability of the plush dinosaur dog toy. The dog toys is also a tool for your dog to massage his teeth. The soft material can help clean your dog's teeth and massage gums without hurting them
Internal Sounding: The indestructible dog toys contains a sounding sac, which will squeak when bitten by a dog. The dinosaur dog toy can attract dog's attention and energy, avoid destructive chewing and barking
Premium Material: The robust dino dog toy is made of durable and strong plush fabric, and the inside is soft pp cotton. The dinosaur dog toy is very elastic and soft, not easy to deform
Stay Healthy: Your dog will get more exercise to maintain weight and health and relieve boredom for hours by playing with these squeaky dog toys
Warning Tip: Dinosaur dog toys are not suitable for large dogs and dogs with extremely strong bites. Dinosaur dog toys for small to medium dogs and puppies

Plush Dinosaur Dog Toys Durable Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Small Breed Cut

SKU: V4D7296567
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