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PetSilver Natural Wound Spray is essential for any reptile owner's first aid kit! The active ingredient, a chelated silver compound, cleans dirt from wounds, scrapes and hot spots for iguanas, boa constrictors, geckos, and other popular reptilian pets. Also helps keep their abrasions clean during the healing process. It can even be used for other common pets like cats and dogs, rats and rabbits, or birds like chickens.
Only distilled water and chelated silver are the ingredients of this cleansing first aid spray for pets. Chelated silver is a silver solution that helps by regulating enzymes that contribute to poor wound and abrasion hygiene.
PetSilver's wound spray is most effective as a preventative measure to clean wounds. May help with keeping cuts, rashes, and raw skin from worsening from excessive licking clean and the dangers of a slow healing process. An essential part of any pet owner's first aid kit!
Each full bottle is individually shrink wrapped to prevent tampering so you can be completely sure that your product is clean and full when you get it. Since the active ingredient is silver, this spray won't expire. You can keep it in your pet aid kit for as long as you need without worrying about it becoming harmful to use or wasting money by having to throw most of it away.
To apply, first make sure your scaly friend is secure and comfortable. Spray a small spritz on the affected area and let it air dry. Avoid drying with a towel or other object to avoid irritating the wounded area. To help with healing, a cone may be necessary for your pet so they don't irritate the area with excessive licking.

PetSilver Wound Reptile, Snake & Amphibians Formula with Chelated Silver - Made

SKU: V4D7295490
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