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Item Form: Chewable Tablet
Active Ingredients: Vitamin e
Target Species: Dog

DOGS HAIR AND COAT HEALTH: When it comes to our dogs we want to make sure they are happy and healthy all the time. If your dogs hair and coat health are not in tip top shape then certain issues can arise. Our supplement was formulated to give your dog the essential vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to make sure their hair, coat, skin and nails are in the best condition possible.
QUERCETIN FOR ITCHY DOGS: Quercetin is an excellent natural remedy for seasonal and environmental allergies in dogs. It also does amazing work to helping your dogs itchy skin and keep there hair and coat health to the maximum. Quercetin is gret for your dog for different reasons, which is why we included it in our supplement.
WELLNESS INGREDIENTS FOR DOGS HEALTH: Our supplement has many ingredients to it because it does so much for your dog. Some of the ingredients on the wellness side are: Cranberries, Fennel, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Bilberry Fruit, Lactobacillus and lutein. These ingredients combined provide your dog the best and fastest wellness results.
SKIN AND HAIR BASICS FOR DOGS: Skin is the largest organ system in the body. It’s also multi-functional; it’s an environmental barrier, regulates temperature, plays a role in the immune system, provides mechanical support to the body. To have a shiny coat, your dog needs healthy skin.
Put us to the test! Use our pet supplement for up to 30 days, risk-free. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, return the product for a refund. Some exceptions may apply.

Dog Hair and Coat Supplement - Dog Hair and Coat Health - Skin Itch Relief - Na

SKU: V4D7296048
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