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Brand: Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery
Flavor: Fish
Target Species: Fish
Item Form: Pellet
Specific Uses For Product: Nutrition

MADE IN THE USA - koi and goldfish fish food, premium all-season floating pellets and the same high-quality diet used by leading American Koi breeders at a fraction of the price
EASILY DIGESTED Floating pellets soften quickly for easy digestion, encourage healthy growth, and will not pollute the water
PERFECT FOR KOI AND GOLDFISH 5 INCHES AND SMALLER This food provides a completely balanced nutritional diet that greatly enhances growth in all koi and goldfish
A HEALTHY CHOICE Contains a special blend of vitamins and minerals that promotes resistance to stress and immunity to disease
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish products are made in the USA by strict guidelines. We are 100% confident and stand behind the quality. We believe the quality of this food will improve the quality of your fish or your money back!

Blue Ridge Fish Food Pellets [5lb] Koi and Goldfish Growth Formula, Mini Floati

SKU: V4D7295483
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