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HERBAL BLEND PRODUCT: Reptaid XL contains a blend of herbs designed to help support immunity in reptiles.
FORMULATED JUST FOR REPTILES: Reptaid XL is made for reptiles 250 grams and larger. Reptaid XL contains antioxidant support to help the body fight free radicals, supports the normal purification of foreign contaminates, supports upper respiratory functions, helps maintain eyes and mouth health, supports immune functions, promotes appetite and vitality. For reptiles under 250 grams, use Amber NaturalZ Reptaid.
REPTAID XL, IMMUNE SUPPORT: Includes one (1oz) bottle, a convenient tool for administration, and easy-to-follow instructions.
QUALITY: Amber NaturalZ is subject to a series of quality checks and testings. We devote ourselves never to use artificial colors or artificial flavorings to make a simple sale. Instead, we strive to produce products and services you can trust because you and your pet(s) deserve the BEST!
CUSTOMERS: We appreciate our customers and are proud to have helped so many wonderful and faithful customers so far! Your Animal's Health is Our Concern; thank you for allowing us to help care for your pets!

AMBER NATURALZ - REPTAID XL - Immune Support - for Reptiles 250g & More - 1 Oun

SKU: V4D7295491
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