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KEEP EM’ BUSY: Throw Spunky pup’s Squeaky Tennis Balls for exercise and training fun. A quick squeeze and the noise directs your dog’s attention. Throw and bounce the easy to spot bright ball and watch your pet enthusiastically chase and retrieve it.
SAFE FOR DOGS: Unlike traditional tennis balls - our decompressed balls do not contain harmful gasses. A non-toxic, non-abrasive covering is gentle on teeth and gums. Available in 3 sizes it's perfect for puppies and adult dogs to grab with their mouths.
BONDING PLAYTIME: You and your dog will get hooked with a game of throw and fetch for hours. Keep a Squeak Tennis Ball underneath a seat or trunk for quick trips to the dog park. At the beach, toss the ball (it floats) for summertime fun.
USE WITH BALL LAUNCHER: Set of 3 Squeaky Tennis Balls is the perfect companion to our launchers. From Spunky pup’s Bow Blaster 2051 to the versatile Squeak & Throw Ball Launcher 2052 the balls come in 3 different sizes to accommodate your size pet.
INNOVATIVE TOYS: Spunky Pup is dedicated to producing high-quality, interactive, and eco-friendly toys to handle the play needs of all spunky pups.

Spunky pup Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs SP2020 | Squeak - Toss - Fetch - Bounc

SKU: V4D7296745
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