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THROW & FETCH: You and your dog will love Spunky pup’s Squeak & Throw Ball Launcher. Place the tennis ball in the launching cup then flick the armed handle to release it up to 100 feet away. Great training and play time exercise. Makes a paw-fect gift!
TRAIN & REWARD: Lightweight and portable, the launcher’s built-in squeaker is located near the hand grip. A quick squeeze and the noise will get their attention. To reward their return, use the rubber bristles to give them a well-deserved back scratch.
HANDS-FREE PICK UP: A game of throw and fetch is a great solution for exercise and training. Play with your puppy all day without having to bend over, the cupped end lets you grab and pick up the ball hands-free. Never touch a dirty wet drooled on ball.
BONDING PLAYTIME: You and your dog will get hooked with a game of throw and fetch for hours. Squeak & Throw Ball Launcher easily fits underneath a seat or trunk for quick trips to the dog park. At the beach, toss the ball (it floats) for summertime fun.
INNOVATIVE TOYS: Spunky Pup is dedicated to producing high-quality, interactive, and eco-friendly toys to handle the play needs of all spunky pups.

Spunky pup Squeak & Throw Ball Launcher for Dogs | Tennis Ball (Included) | Dog

SKU: V4D7296758
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