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2-In-1 SPUNKY TOY: Double the fun, Spunky pup’s Parrot combines a plush squeaky dog toy with a spiky ball to keep your small dog entertained for hours. Let your pet chase and play with the soft, squeaky parrot inside of the crazy bouncy, textured ball.
KEEP PUPS HAPPY: The multi-textured parrot with an exterior rubber ball, teases your dog with every squeeze and squeak. Drop or toss to watch the unpredictable ball bounce and roll for a great exercise and play time. Ideal for puppies and small dogs.
ACTIVE SPUNKY PUPS: The plush parrot hides surprises to keep chewing mouths busy. It soothes puppy teeth and curbs the chopping urge as they grab the ball and feel the sensation of firm spikes with their mouth and tongue.
SQUEAKY ANIMALS: Dogs love toys that squeak! A spiky ball squeaker provides hours of interactive enjoyable fun. The Lil’ Squeakers Collection includes: a Dino, Elephant, Gator, Hedgehog, Parrot, Pig, and Zebra. Collect them all!
INNOVATIVE TOYS: Spunky Pup is dedicated to producing high-quality, interactive, and eco-friendly toys to handle the play needs of all spunky pups.

Spunky pup Parrot Spiky Ball Squeaker Dog Toy | Dog Balls with Rubber Spikes fo

SKU: V4D7296764
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