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KEEP EM’ BUSY: Stuff Spunky pup’s Banana with a treat spread to keep your high-energy pet entertained for hours. A patterned rubber promotes healthy teeth and gums and the crazy shape bounces as the dog plays and tries to get to its favorite snack.
FILL WITH TREATS: Dogs love treats! Easily fill the slot with a healthy snack. For a super cool treat, freeze it! The banana-filled treat challenges and redirects their energy as they lick to get to the delicious reward, reducing anxiety and boredom.
CLEAN TEETH: The fun non-toxic 5.5 inch banana shape creates an unpredictable bounce that rebounds to keep your dog from getting bored while they fetch, chase and grab it with their mouth. It even floats for trips to the beach or pool.
INTERACTIVE HOURS OF PLAY: A rubber surface makes drool easy to clean with soap and warm water and is also dishwasher safe. It is available in other fruits and veggies for small puppies and adult dogs. Dogs love the treat challenge.
INNOVATIVE TOYS: Spunky Pup is dedicated to producing high-quality, interactive, and eco-friendly toys to handle the play needs of all spunky pups.

Spunky pup Banana Treat Dog Toy | Fill with Healthy Treats for a Challenge | Pr

SKU: V4D7296705
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