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Brand: Hemp Well
Item Form: Oil
Target Species: Dog

SUPPORTS IMMUNE HEALTH: Hemp Well Immune Chews for dogs is an innovative product designed to support the natural immune system of canines. By combining organic hemp and functional mushrooms such as Lions Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail, the chews provide a powerful combination that can help to bolster the body’s innate defense against pathogens.
MAINTAINS INTESTINAL HEALTH: These chews help maintain your dogs intestinal health and supports proper inflammatory reponses due to natural challenges and environmental stressors.
BALANCES IMMUNE SYSTEM: They help support the production of antioxidant enzymes that assists in disease prevention and a healthy aging process.
ORGANICALLY SOURCED: a natural supplement made through organic farming methods. GMO-free, no cheap filler oils, and produced through sustainable methods that don’t decimate critical wildlife.
SAFETY: This product is safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes over 12 weeks with proper dosage.

Hemp Well Immune Support Dog Soft Chews with Hemp and Functional Mushrooms – Su

SKU: V4D7296923
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